Mobile Application Development from Concept to Deployment

Android Phone

So you have an idea for a mobile app but you're not quite sure where to start?  Outr.Net can help.

Whether you're an enterprise with goals to automate a critical business process or an entrepreneur with plans for the "next big thing," Outr.Net will work with you to turn those ideas into reality.

Outr.Net has specialized in custom wireless and mobile applications for over 15 years, which makes us pioneers and veterans in this business. We understand the unique challenges of today's technology and marketplace, and we can help you navigate a path to successful deployment.

Our experience includes:
bulletAll mobile and embedded platforms, including Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Xamarin (cross-platform), BlackBerry, Windows CE, Windows Embedded, Linux, and custom/legacy systems
bulletSolutions for work order management, dispatch, transportation, telemetry, financial services, sales force automation, inventory management, and asset tracking
bulletCapabilities such as cloud services, GPS tracking, credit card processing, web services, data caching, data synchronization, and protocol translation
bulletIntegration with cameras, card readers, barcode scanners, printers, GPS devices, industrial equipment, and other specialized hardware

Android Tablet
Our services include:
bulletStoryboarding and rapid prototyping
bulletApplication design, development and testing
bullet"Side-by-side" development with existing teams
bulletProject rescue and recovery for struggling teams
bulletTeam management and technical leadership

Contact Outr.Net today for a free consultation and put your mobile application on the fast track to success.