Solutions for Enterprises

Outr.Net can work with your IT department to develop specialized mobile applications for your executive staff, sales team, service technicians, and other knowledge workers. Here are the most common questions we're asked by enterprises:

Question We already have a project underway, but we could use some help. Can you work with our IT department on an existing project?

Answer Absolutely. Our real-world wireless experience is the perfect complement to your IT department. We know how to analyze a project and isolate critical issues, improve team communications, and set up short development phases with clear milestones.

Question Compared to Outr.Net, wouldn't it be cheaper to use our own internal software resources, or to outsource the work offshore?

Answer Outr.Net understands that we stay in business if we save our customers money, period. The most financially successful wireless applications are those that are rock-solid and are delivered on time and within budget. The best way to achieve this is to bring in the most experienced people you can find, and when it comes to wireless applications, that's Outr.Net.

Question Can you integrate with product "XYZ" and our legacy applications?

Answer Nearly every application has interface points where wireless applications can "plug in." This is true for commercial, custom and legacy applications.

Question We want to private-label our projects, we need to own our source code, and we want to get our own people up to speed.

No problem. We are used to working as silent partners. You always own the source code and all documentation, and we'll help train your people.

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