Solutions for Wireless Carriers

Outr.Net has over 10 years of experience working with wireless network carriers. Here are the most common questions we're asked by carriers:

Question We've entered a new era of "smart" applications, but we're still battling to retain our customers and increase ARPU. How can you give us a competitive advantage?

Answer Nothing is "stickier" that a custom application, especially one that uses your network efficiently and makes the most of your system's unique features.

Question Can you integrate with our existing product "XYZ"?

Answer Nearly every application has interface points where wireless applications can "plug in." This is true for commercial, custom and legacy applications.

Question We already have a project underway, but we could use some help. Can you work with our team on an existing project?

Answer Sure, about half of our work involves helping internal or offshore teams on wireless projects, whether it involves moving an application to a different platform, getting to market more quickly, or even rescuing a project in distress. We know how to analyze a project and isolate critical issues, improve team communications, and set up short development phases with clear milestones.

Question I'm in the sales/marketing department, and we have a customer that wants some custom software. How can you help?

Answer No problem, just schedule a conference call, and we'll steer the discussion. We'll work as a technical extension of your team.

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