Applications for Phones and Tablets

Phones and tablets are compelling platforms for any wireless application. The upfront costs are low, portability is maximized, and application capabilities are almost limitless.

iPhone with Map

Outr.Net develops applications for a wide range of mobile platforms, including Google Android, Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows Phone, pagers, and more.

Unlike browser-based alternatives, applications from Outr.Net leverage the full capabilities of the device to deliver a feature-rich and robust solution. Examples of these advanced capabilities include:
bulletOffline operation with out-of-coverage message queueing
bulletGPS positioning and location-based services
bulletOptimized presentation, usability, and performance
bulletPeripheral integration, such as barcode scanners, card readers, and printers
bulletRemote management and configuration

Outr.Net offers a wide range of services, including:
bulletAndroid application development
bulletiOS (iPhone and iPad) application development
bulletXamarin cross-platform development
bulletPorting JavaME apps and other legacy apps to Android and iOS
bulletApplication architecture and design
bulletTechnical and marketplace consulting

Outr.Net's best-of-breed technology is deployed in field service, CRM, ERP, SFA, email and messaging, and other applications. Our vertical market experience includes the transportation, technology, medical, financial and communication industries.

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