Xamarin Development and Consulting

Xamarin is a cross-platform development environment for creating native Android and iOS applications.

Android and iOS
Applications developed with Xamarin look and perform identically to applications created with Google's Android SDK and Apple's Xcode, but with these additional benefits:
bulletSource Code Sharing - Android and iOS applications share a unified codebase for data storage, network communication, and business logic. Development cycles are shorter and code maintenance is simplified.
bulletFamiliar Programming Environment - Android and iOS applications are written in C#, a .NET programming language familiar to developers worldwide. Applications created by Outr.Net can be transitioned to your internal .NET development team for maintenance and enhancement using Visual Studio.
bulletFree Public Codebase - Android and iOS applications integrate with NuGet to leverage thousands of free and open source software packages. Prototyping is faster and applications are robust.

Xamarin applications developed by Outr.Net offer a wide range of features, including:
bulletNative look-and-feel
bulletGPS and location-based services
bulletPush via SignalR
bulletWeb service integration (REST, SOAP, etc)
bulletOffline data storage (MySQL ORM) and queueing

Outr.Net's experience with Xamarin will expedite and simplify your mobile application development process.

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