Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Some of the most exciting work Outr.Net does involves helping entrepreneurs bring creative ideas to market. Here are the most common questions we're asked by entrepreneurs:

Question How can I develop my new idea with a limited budget?

Answer The answer lies in phased development. We'll help you express your ideas and generate interest and funding during the early stages with realistic "storyboards", screen demos and basic prototypes. Later on, we'll develop a framework that will allow you to target your core market quickly, yet scale efficiently with additional features and platforms as your business grows.

Question I know my own market, but I'm not an expert on wireless devices, carriers or software. How can I get unbiased advice on which way to go?

Answer Outr.Net has an experienced development team which has been focused for over 10 years on mobile applications. We're not tied to any particular vendor, technology or solution, and our advice is based solely upon what's best for you.

Question As an entrepreneur, it's essential that I control and develop my intellectual property. How can I manage this with an outside developer?

Answer No problem, we understand this completely. When you work with Outr.Net, you will always own your intellectual property, and any source code and documentation that we develop for you.

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